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Looking Ahead for 2023

2023 has begun and we are here to hit the ground running! Giesler has many plans and goals we are set to accomplish throughout the upcoming year. Many are similar to other small businesses, but three of our initiatives are a little more out of the ordinary: exploring technologies, sharing our expert knowledge, and continuing to give back to our communities.

A graphic with a yellow background that says "Looking Ahead for 2023" with 3 blue boxes labeled "Exploring Technologies, Sharing Our Expert Knowledge, and Giving Back to Our Communities"

Exploring Technologies

We love exploring new technologies! From support for reliable connectivity in remote environments, to 5G support, to state-of-the-art encryption, exploring innovative technologies is a big interest to us. We have some testing in the works and will dive into more conferences sharing technology solutions, including AFCEA West, SOFIC, and CDCA Defense Summit in 2023. We want to continue connecting people to technology solutions throughout the year.

Sharing Our Expert Knowledge

Our team of Highly Qualified Information Professionals has over 100 cumulative years of Navy and Army/USSOCOM experience, including with NCTAMS PAC, NCTS Iceland, NCTAMS LANT detachment Hampton Roads, 16 Shipboard Deployments in the Pacific and Middle East, Navy Information Technology Services, ONE-NET, NMCI, IT-21, cybersecurity, and data & infrastructure, and 25 years of Program Management experience. Additionally, we have 2 former teachers that have transitioned into Project Analysis, Communications, and Marketing roles on our team. We have a lot of knowledge across our team, and a desire to share that knowledge with other individuals, small, and large businesses. We share some of that knowledge in our social media posts each week (give us a follow so you don’t miss any!), but also looking at other ways to formally share some of that knowledge in documents and courses to help others the way some of our wonderful mentors have helped us through the years.

Giving Back to Our Communities

We frequently share some of the ways our team gives back to their communities, including Herman Archibald’s work with his church and Thavey Cordoba’s family’s support for an orphanage in Thailand. Giving back is extremely important to our team and we have even more in the works for 2023.

We are so excited for all that we have planned! We have so much more to share in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!


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