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Encrypted Sensors

Unprecedented Security


The Threat

Quantum computing is a major threat to even the most sophisticated networks.  Quantum computing is the exploitation of collective properties of quantum states to perform computation.  Experts assert that quantum computing has the ability to break the majority of modern-day cryptography.  Most current encryption techniques comprise of complex algorithms, and solving elaborate math problems is a quantum computer’s specialty.

A quantum computer can break both modern mathematical encryption and future post-quantum algorithms, at a much faster rate than a traditional computer.  Quantum computers essentially provide assailants with the ability to break any math-based encryption, regardless of the robustness of their algorithms. 


The Solution

In order to effectively combat the unyielding threats from quantum computing, contemporary encryption needs to change.  Encryption must be non-algebraic in order to protect data from quantum computing threats.  A real-time encryption method that works on the bit-level, rather than the algebraic-level, is the revolutionary solution the cybersecurity realm has been yearning for.

Encrypted Sensors created an innovative non-algebraic encryption method that occurs on the binary level, in order to ensure protection from sophisticated modern-day cybersecurity attacks.  This binary encryption scheme ultimately creates an ever-changing computing language with over 1 Octillion combinations, providing unrivaled encryption capabilities in real-time.  Their unmatched capability has exceedingly low latency, averaging 0.507ms.  Additionally, the device is implemented entirely on a Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) chip, in order to provide an additional layer of physical security.  Having the FPGA chip in an independent system completely removes the potential for detrimental software backdoor threats or user errors. A compromised system update will no longer cause irreparable damage to a network.

Encrypted Sensors’ inclusive device is the epitome of user friendly.  The simple plug-and-play device supports all ethernet type networking, as well as, has the ability to be embedded within any system.  Furthermore, the system is compatible with other encryptions, hardware, software, and firewalls.  Users do NOT need to redesign their networks to effectively incorporate the device into their systems.


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