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The Influence Triad: SOF, Cyber, and Space Command


Interoperability is an important component of the different branches of the United States Military. One such way is with the U.S. Space Command and Army Space and Missile Defense Command combining the military’s cyber, special operations, and space capabilities to create a new deterrent “triad.”


This “triad” will be comprised of U.S. Special Operations Command and U.S. Cyber Command personnel working side-by-side with staff from the U.S. Space Command. They will combine their intelligence capabilities from space-based assets, cyber detection, and special operations forces to cover a wide spectrum of conflicts into Information Warfare cells. These cells will be dispersed throughout combatant commands to defend critical cyber infrastructure and support satellite taskings with special operations forces. The end-goal is to fuse traditional space-based capabilities with cyber and SOF to generate new and responsive deterrent options. This ensures that space capabilities are considered in all operations, plans, and exercises.

Sources and technology

This new structure reflects the growing changes in U.S. military space technology becoming an integral part of national defense. One of the biggest areas is the development of satellites and sensors in low-earth orbit. These satellites will be in a network, including 28 prototypes with the ability to collect infrared data and provide network communications for continuous missile detection, warning, tracking, and identification worldwide. These will eventually work in tandem with other satellites in low-earth orbit to create a robust network for tracking even the newest generation of hypersonic missiles.

Next Steps

Once space, cyber, and SOF are fully integrated, the next steps will be to expand to include space-, sea-, and land-based sensors, intra-service, and international partnerships.

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