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The National Defense Industrial Association

Logo for the National Defense Industrial Association
Photo Credit: NDIA

The National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is a trade association for the United States government and defense industrial base.

NDIA began as a merger of the American Defense Preparedness Association (ADPA) and the National Security Industrial Association (NSIA) in 1997. The newly renamed National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) grew with the continued mission of advancing the national defense industrial base with the most modern military technology using the knowledge and experience of the military, government, industry, and academic members.

Today, NDIA is a non-partisan, non-profit, educational association that includes over 1,700 corporate (including Giesler!) and 63,900 individual members. Their mission statement includes three major points:

  • Champion issues that contribute to the strength, resiliency, and capacity of the defense industrial base

  • Build a vigorous, responsive, and collaborative community in support of Defense and National Security

  • Convene legal and ethical forums for the exchange of ideas, information, view points, and capabilities

Additionally, NDIA promotes six strategic priorities:

  • Educate and Promote Budget Stability

  • Foster Small Business Success

  • Gain Acquisition Agility and Regulatory Modernization

  • Promote Innovation in Technology and Process

  • Expand Security Cooperation and Interoperability

  • Act as a Thought Leader to Strengthen the Defense Industrial Base and Workforce

The NDIA has 29 chapters located throughout the United States. They also have 30 subject-specific divisions that aim to promote defense and national security through access and education and 4 industrial committees and working groups to bring government and industry together.

To support their mission, NDIA hosts several events throughout the year, including the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), the Annual Systems & Mission Engineering Conference, Expeditionary Warfare Conference, and more. If you or your company are interested in joining, you can learn more about Corporate and Individual Memberships at



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