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Star Wars Meets the USAF

March 9, 2021 | Department of Defense

The future of air combat is always changing, and it is never more apparent with the United States Air Force’s advancements in aircraft technology. The USAF recently announced a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm known as ARTUµ, reminiscent of the helpful counterpart from the Star Wars


Similar to the science fiction movies, ARTUµ is a unique set of computer code designed to run specific in-flight tasks normally completed by the pilot. In the most recent test aboard a Lockheed Martin U-2, ARTUµ was given control of the radar and sensor systems to find combatant missile launchers in a simulated missile strike.

The goal of AI-integrated systems is to give pilots a decisive advantage in future conflicts. Similar AI algorithms and machine learning will continue to transform the USAF Air

2. Artoo, take the wheel: U-2 spy plane flies for the first time with an AI co-pilot -


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