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ORBs: The USAF Flying Cars of the Future

December 29, 2020 | Department of Defense

This year’s AFWERX Accelerate conference showcased one of their newest technology initiatives, the Organic Resupply Bus (ORBs), an “advanced air mobility vehicle” of the future.

This initiative is a part of “Agility Prime,” a program that supports private companies working in advancements to air transportation. The initial goal is to design a vehicle that can carry 3-8 people that can travel by air at speeds faster than 100 mph over at least 100 miles for at least an hour. These air mobility vehicles could be used for things such as medical evacuation and disaster relief. The guidelines state that Prototypes must take their first full-scale flight by December 17, 2020 to be considered viable and continue on in the program.

The hope is that these “flying cars” may one day become cheap and accessible enough for use in the public sector.

Picture features orb design by Joby Aviation.

Sources: AFWERX


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