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How to Build a Great Relationship with Your Mentor for Years to Come


Now that you have found a mentor for your career, what do you do next? How to you foster that relationship for years to come?

First, it is important to establish clear expectations for both the mentor and mentee. Is your relationship going to me more informal and as needed? Or will you meet on a regular basis? How will you stay in touch? What do you expect out of the relationship? What goals do you have? These are important questions to answer with your mentor, so everyone understands what to expect.

Next, it is important to remain open-minded. Your mentor has more experience than you do. They may be able to share insights that aren’t as obvious, give you unbiased feedback and suggestions, and more. Listen and ask thoughtful questions. Be an active participant to get the most of your relationship.

Lastly, be appreciative and mindful of your mentor’s time. Come prepared with questions, problems, or opportunities you want to discuss with them. Ask for constructive feedback. Apply what you have learned and share the outcomes. And remember to thank your mentor for their time and commitment to sharing their expertise and experiences with you.

If you do all these things, both mentor ad mentee can get the most out of your mentoring relationship for years to come.



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