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Giesler Seaside Breakdown: JADC2

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

JADC2 has been a hot topic for a while now. But what exactly is it and why does the Department of Defense want to move towards it? Our Highly Qualified Information Professionals break it down here.

Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) is a plan being implemented by the DoD to deal with the vast and complex data accumulated in modern warfare. It will use automation, artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analytics, and machine learning to deliver solutions to the warfighter quickly in an ever changing and updating environment. Additionally, it will accelerate the decision cycle, close operational gaps, and improve resiliency in Command-and-Control Systems. The recently released unclassified version of the Implementation Plan outlines how the department will identify, organize, and deliver the improved Joint Force C2 capabilities. The more detailed classified version of the document is described as outlining the plan of actions, milestones, and resources necessary for implementation.

The JADC2 strategy revolves around five lines of effort (LOE):

· LOE 1: Establish the JADC2 Data Enterprise. This involves accessing and sharing any data from all warfighting domains and levels with the Joint Force and mission partners. This includes establishing minimum metadata tagging criteria, standardizing data interfaces, implementing common data access and security best practices, establishing JADC2 Information Technology (IT) standards, and continued data strategic objectives.

· LOE 2: Establish the JADC2 Human Enterprise. This involves the integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to the human enterprise to better collect and organize information to help in decision making and professional development needed to train and educate in operational efficiency.

· LOE 3: Establish the JADC2 Technical Enterprise. This involves secure, worldwide communication networks with the necessary speed and infrastructure to support continuous C2 capabilities for Joint Force and mission partners.

· LOE 4: Integrate NC2/NC3 with JADC2. This involves integration with Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications.

· LOE 5: Modernize Mission Partner Information Sharing. This involves support for system interoperability to assist in the Joint Force’s ability to exchange information and coordinate with mission partners for any given operation.

JADC2 is being implemented by the services using several different initiatives: the Navy is Project Overmatch, the Army is Project Convergence, and the Air Force is the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS).

To learn more about JADC2, you can read through the full Summary of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control Strategy released by the DoD last month, attend the J6 Panel: M.A.J.I.C. - MPE, Assured C2, JADC2 Enabling Security and Interoperability with Coalition Partners, taking place tomorrow morning at AFCEA TechNet Indo-Pacific, or talk to one of our Highly Qualified Information Professionals in attendance who are experts on JADC2 and the needs of the modern warfighter.

Image Source: Department of Defense: Summary of the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Strategy, March 2022



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