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Climate Change and Its National Security Implications

August 31, 2021 | Department of Defense

Climate change is something that is impacting every nation in different ways. For the United States, Senior Climate Advisor to the Secretary of Defense, Joe Bryan, outlined some of the impact climate change can have on National Security.

Effects of climate change can be numerous. For example, as the Artic gets warmer, competition amongst nations for resources and influence increases. Long droughts in South America, such as Honduras and Guatemala, drives migration North to the U.S. border. Stronger hurricanes, heat waves, wildfires, and other adverse weather impacts military operations home and overseas and can cause delays in the supply chain, such as what we are seeing with computer chips.

What does that mean for the Untied States? As a nation, we need to invest in becoming more energy effect and independent, with less reliance on supply chain and resources originating in other nations. To do that, military investments in hybrid or electric vehicles, engine improvements, and fuel efficiencies will be essential in the years ahead.



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