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AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance

February 22, 2021 | Department of Defense

The United States Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center has been working with the US Special Operations Command to develop a unique machine learning tool to use in maintenance for aircraft.

Known as the Work Unit Code Corrector (WUC Corrector), this tool works to improve helicopter maintenance records to keep aircraft like the H-60 helicopters operational. It enables proactive and reactive solutions to suggest and revise maintenance codes. Having AI-ready maintenance information speeds up corrective action, supports assignment and deployment planning, and improves operational readiness.

Since the WUC Corrector began operations, it has corrected more than 400,000 unit code entries and has been adapted for use on MH-47 and MH-6 rotorcraft. The JAIC is looking to expand operations across the services to improve maintenance fleet-wide.


JAIC Partners with USSOCOM to Deliver AI-Enabled Predictive Maintenance Capabilities -


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