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2023 NDIA Fall Forum


Last month, our President and CEO attended the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Fall Forum in San Diego, CA. Taking place November 16th and 17th at the Town & Country Conference Center, the conference included government participants from NAVWAR Headquarters, PEO C4I, PEO Digital, PEO MLB, NIWC Pacific, Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations (PMW 120), and more.


Travis Methvin provided the PEO Digital overview of the DON CIO Information Superiority Campaign Plan and Justin Fanelli, PEO Digital’s Technical Director discussed Pilot Themes for World-class Alignment Metrics (WAM) to accomplish modernization with successful mission outcomes. Ms. Kimberly Reidy, NAVWAR’s Director of Small Business at NAVWAR SBO provided updates on NAVWARs Long Range Acquisition Estimate, and the small business Disaggregation Policy. Ms. Mercedes Thurston from the NAVWAR SBO provided updates on the Navy Mentor Protégé Program, which assists disadvantaged small businesses in competing for prime contracts and subcontracts by partnering with large companies under individual agreements. The day wrapped up with The Lasswell Award presented to 4 esteemed Sailors, who performed with excellence of service.   


Necessary topics were discussed by PEO C4I Program Office representatives, Command and Control Systems, and updates were provided from the Cybersecurity Program office. Also presenting were representatives from Tactical Networks, Carrier and Air Integration, Battlespace Awareness and Information Operations, Communications and GPS Navigation, PEO MLB – UMSC Manpower IT Systems Modernization (MITSM), Ship Integration and Shore and Expeditionary Integration, and Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems Program office representatives.


The NDIA Fall Forum is an annual event sponsored by the San Diego Chapter of the National Defense Industrial Association. The purpose of the NIDA is to identify key issues in national security and leveraging the knowledge and experience of its military, government, industry, and academic members to solve them. If you are interested in joining, go to:

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