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2022 CDCA Defense Summit

Willis Arnold and Scott Coughlin at the CDCA

            The 15th annual Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) Defense Summit took place last week in Charleston, South Carolina. Our senior consultant, Willis Arnold, was in attendance with over 1,800 other government and industry professionals.

            The CDCA was founded in 2002 to address issues facing the military industry complex in the Charleston, SC area. It began as an offshoot of a committee chapter of the Armed Forces Communications Electronic Association (AFCEA) that initially consisted of 40 businesses and government officials. It has now grown to include over 250 small to large business, including some of the most influential companies in the defense industries.

This year’s summit included keynote talks by Christopher Cleary, Principal Cyber Advisor (PCA), DoN; Bryan Stern, Founder Project Dynamo International Rescues, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Russia; Nina Sossamon-Pogue, Resilience Keynote Speaker, Emmy-winning news anchor, and author; RDML Michael Richman, Deputy Commander, Cyber Engineering and Digital Transformation, NAVSEA; and more in panels and tech talks.

             Learn more about the CDCA and how to join at

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