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Spotlight on Women Series: Robyn Gatens, Director of the ISS

June 29, 2021 | Spotlight on Women Series

NASA proudly named Robyn Gatens as the Director of the International Space Station on March 28, 2021. Gatens’ unparalleled leadership, experience, and strategic vision for the International Space Station made her the right choice for the prestigious position. In this role, Gatens focuses on leading strategy, policy, integration, and stakeholder engagement for the program at the agency level; as well as, works closely with the International Space Station Program Manager, Joel Montalbano. Gatens’ key responsibilities are to provide essential technical advice, as well as oversee program execution

and risk management.

Gatens has 35 years of extensive NASA experience, including work at both the space station program and in development and management for the life support systems of spaceflight missions. Additionally, she is the proud recipient of NASA’s prestigious Outstanding Leadership and Exceptional Achievement medal. NASA is confident that Gatens will continue to advance scientific knowledge, demonstrate new technologies, and partake in research breakthroughs during her time as the Director of the International Space Station.

To learn more about Robyn Gatens and NASA’s International Space Station, visit



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