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ITEA: Closing Gaps for Distributed Testing

The International Test & Evaluation Association (ITEA) is an association dedicated to the field of Test and Evaluation worldwide. Members serve in industries, governments, agencies, academia, laboratories, ranges, weapon systems information technology, transportation, electronic communications, cyber, consumer electronics, and more. ITEA’s mission includes providing professional development resources, best practices, networking, and learning opportunities for the test and evaluation community.

One such opportunity is coming up from ITEA – the 3rd Annual Multi-Domain Operations Workshop: Multi-Domain Operations in an Extended Range Environment. The event is scheduled to take place next week, July 18-20, 2023 in Ventura, CA. This year’s event is focused on our need to be better and faster at getting products to the warfighter and decision makers, including prioritizing resources, identifying innovative solutions, and continue towards a test, train, and experimentation cycle to support multi-domain operations. Along with many exhibits and Continuing Professional Education (CPE), there were be presentations on topics including:

  • AI & AI & ML Battle Management

  • Challenges & Solutions for MDO Test/Training Planning and Execution in an Extended Range Environment

  • Cross Domain / Multi-Level Security

  • Cyber / EW in support of MDO

  • Digital Engineering

  • Methodologies for MDO in an Extended Range Environment

  • M&S to Support MDO in an Extended Range Environment

  • MDO Tools in an Extended Range Environment

  • Rapid Experimentation

  • Technology Transition

Giesler is excited to present our solution at this year’s workshop. Interested in learning more? Registration for the ITEA Workshop is still open. Come by and let’s chat!


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