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  • Jim Darenkamp

Halo: Keeping You Connected in a Connected World

Updated: Jun 12

Written by Jim Darenkamp, Giesler’s Chief Financial Officer

As a former CTO, Solutions Architect, and JICO, I was fortunate to play with cool toys, and after a year of testing this standalone device (which fits in the palm of my hand), I bought it from GIESLER LLC for my own personal edge node. It is a Halo by Elsight, and It works perfectly where I live (rurally), especially when we RV in a constricted environment, such as National Park campgrounds.

A picture of a black box-shaped device
Halo Device by Elsight

A camper in front of a picknick table
My home away from home

My home internet is either satellite or satellite, and everything works well until that very heavy rainfall; however, with my four (4LTE, 5G) nano SIM cards (Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile), I use one of the two ethernet ports to plug into my desktop and continue to do my work or work on my second Master's degree, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings (with video). I can set up my iPad or laptop anywhere just with my four nano SIM cards, but I do have the option for a satellite (ViaSat or Starlink) feed, which I can add on later, but this setup currently works great for me. If I want to vacation in a foreign country, I can purchase local cellular provider (4G/5G) Nano-SIM cards and I am good to go. I can still download, stream, etc., on a desktop, iPad, or laptop during a severe thunderstorm or, worse yet, a tropical storm or hurricane. Halo is a self-sustaining connectivity solution that can be used for many purposes. In a nutshell:

  • Halo automatically detects failed communication channels and seamlessly transfers the data through an alternative channel in real time.

  • The Halo device enables the multiplexing of several communication links, ultimately increasing the bandwidth for transmitting large packets of information over long distances (Beyond Visual Line of Sight - BVLOS).

  • Halo splits, encrypts, and sends audio and visual data through several communication links simultaneously.

  • Halo utilizes an environment's existing communication infrastructure to transmit and receive data over multiple IP links (Cellular, Wi-Fi, RF, SAT).

Anyway, can you imagine the uses of this technology? If interested, check out the details at or message me, or contact our President and CEO, Patricia Giesler.

A picture of a dog sitting by a table.
Our travel buddy

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