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Explorations of 5G in Space

June 15, 2021 | 5G, Space

On 23 March 2021, Lockheed Martin signed a Strategic Interest Agreement with Omnispace for the combined development of a 5G mobile broadband capability from space.

The agreement facilitates the sharing of vital business and technical data on the deployment of 5G. Omnispace is currently developing a revolutionary fusion network of space and ground, to ultimately provide unmatched 5G and IoT services. Lockheed Martin’s end goal is to successfully apply Omnispace’s commercial wireless and broadband technology into the government sector. The revolutionary technology will allow users to transmit large packets of data at extremely high speeds and with low latency.

5G satellite connectivity would be a significant improvement in the realm of mobile networking. The technology would benefit a wide variety of platforms, including: vehicles, ships, airplanes, and other mobile devices. Omnispace intends to use both satellites and terrestrial wireless networks to provide seamless global 5G connectivity. The technology will ultimately allow users to communicate effectively and with low latency, regardless of their locations. The U.S. Space Force is undeniably a prospective client for space-based 5G. The Space and Missile Systems Center is currently conducting market research to investigate how to properly integrate 5G technologies for military use.

For more information on Lockheed Martin and Omnispace’s joint initiative for implementing 5G technology in space, visit for more information.




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