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Consulting, Administrative, & Managed Services

As your business grows, Giesler’s seasoned experts can assist you with business strategy, research & analysis, capability & pipeline reviews, and gap analysis.  As part of developing your capture plans, we have the unique ability to provide technical writing, capture support, networking, and subject matter expertise to a myriad of different clientele. Once you have won a contract, Giesler can assist with administrative and managed services.

Business Meeting

Business Strategies

Giesler is a robust team of consummate professionals with diverse backgrounds in business expansion and strategy development. We will utilize our experience and expertise to assist in the construction of an inclusive business strategy in line with your organization’s values and capabilities, as well as, capitalize on strategic opportunities.

Analyzing Graphs

Research & Analysis

Our team will assist your company in defining your market, evaluating your clients’ evolving requirements, and acquiring competitive intelligence. We will collect, assess, and organize relevant data to support your organization’s decision making and strategic thinking processes. Research and Analysis support includes market research, competitive analysis, mind mapping, white papers, and data analytics.

Consulting Services

Business Conference

Capability & Pipeline Review

Giesler LLC will provide your organization with a big-picture evaluation, assessing how your company’s personnel, procedures, and capabilities enable outcomes. Our team’s thorough examination will ensure your organization is effectively postured and equipped to successfully meet future challenges. This includes Capability Briefs and Statements, Capability Smart Workbooks, Identifying New Technologies, and Qualification Recommendations.

Discussing the Numbers

Gap Analysis

The Giesler LLC team will assess your company’s current performance and capabilities, in order to identify the gaps between your present state and where you’d like to be. Gap Analysis Support includes Performance Work Statement Shredding, Relationship Matrixes, and Training Programs.

Administrative Services




Planning and Budgeting

Giesler can help with your complex planning and budgeting requirements. Our team of program management professionals, stationed around the United States and Pacific, can help you create business plans & cases, set appropriate budgets & goals, facilitate regular reviews, and adapt to your client’s ever-changing needs. 

Work on laptop


The Giesler Team can help your company stay organized with the meticulous record keeping needed for commercial and government contracts; including weekly, monthly, and annual reports. 


Managed Services

IT and User Support

The Giesler Cyber Team will ensure your digital vulnerabilities are protected and secured. Our superior defensive cyber capabilities will provide your company with the tools required to successfully fight against adversarial entities. Our Cyber Team’s expert ability to tailor and integrate effective solutions into your digital network will safeguard your sensitive data and keep emergent threats at bay.

Cyber Security Support Includes:

  • CMMC/CMMC Assessments

  • Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems

  • Compliance with government requirements and regulation 

  • Security Disciplines

  • Information Assurance and Computer Network Defense

  • Physical Security and Operational Security 

  • Global Cyber Strategy 

Cyber Security


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